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[Cashtab] Rebranding Token menu/button labels into eToken

Authored by emack on Oct 7 2021, 00:18.


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Rebranded 'Token' labels into 'eToken' across:

  1. Wallet.js - Wallet screen transaction history menu
  2. components/App.js - Main menu on bottom of web UI
  3. extension/App.js - Main menu on bottom of extension UI
  4. CreateTokenForm.js - Tokens menu and the subsequent token creation screen
  5. UI Snapshots updated across Tokens and CreateTokenForm
Test Plan
  1. npm start
  2. Click on the Wallet section and check the eTokens tab is displayed next to Transaction History, then switch to Transaction History and back to eTokens
  3. Click on the 'eTokens' section on the bottom menu and ensure the initial 'Create eToken' label is displayed correctly
  4. Click on the 'Create eToken' button and ensure the final creation button at the bottom of the screen is 'Create eToken'
  5. Repeat 1-4 in browser extension mode

Diff Detail

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Build 33671: Build Diffcashtab-tests
Build 33670: arc lint + arc unit

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Significant amount of changes here are from formatting changes. The repo default linting settings should be used; diff should only show changes relative to the task.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Oct 7 2021, 18:01