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How to Write Your Essay Paragraphs Effectively
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The effective use of paragraphs in the essay can help you communicate your argument or support the essay thesis effectively. The paragraphs that make up the body of the essay need appropriate structure and style according to the task at hand. Paragraphs that embody arguments have a different information organization than that which intends to describe a subject. In either of the cases, however, the essay writer needs to make sure that the paragraph is coherent in its ideas and uniform in its content.

All essay structures have an introduction paragraph at the start and a conclusion paragraph at the end framing the body paragraphs. These paragraphs have their own specific structure and usually follow a similar structure with an emphasis on defining certain parts such as the thesis statement. The body paragraphs, however, have to be crafted carefully to allow the information we have collected through our research and brainstorming to best support the main thesis, and eventually answer the essay prompt. However, you can read some of these demonstration speech ideas online.

Coherence in the paragraph

During the prewriting process, you must have collected information and ideas that connect to your main argument or thesis. If you have used effective brainstorming and researching techniques you will be well aware of the various relationships and connections between items of information.

When presenting your idea or forming an opinion it is important to use these relationships and connections to create a flow of information such that one idea flows into another.

Informational hierarchies during your research can help in presenting the information from general to the specific or help you craft the paragraph by zooming into the specifics as the paragraph progresses.

This is one of the many ways to allow for a flow of information, to allow for coherence in paragraphs, such as:

  • ### Chronology

This is one of the most common ways to present the information to the readers. The information presented is easily graspable as one event or idea advances or flows naturally into the other with the natural passage of time. They are very useful in essay format.

  • ### Spatial

This type of formatting is usually used in descriptive writing where it is convenient to describe a subject in relation to its spatial occurrence, interaction, etc.

  • ### Rhetorical

Using logic and reasoning to take forward a conversation is most common in argumentative and persuasive writing. Here you employ the tools of ethos, pathos, and logos to structure your rhetorical analysis essay paragraphs.

  • ### Points of View

Bringing various expert opinions into your writing demonstrates your research and helps you show your critical analysis of the subject. The paragraph will discuss one opinion after another and finally provide a synthesis on the subject.

Unity in the paragraphs

Each paragraph should hold a specific idea or an argument, and every information that follows the main idea should be connected to it. To make sure that your paragraph takes on a specific topic, you need to mention it in the topic sentence.

The topic sentence announces to the readers the main idea that the paragraph will discuss. It is important to make sure that the information should advance the main thesis, not just the topic sentence but each and every part that comes after. You should be explicit in presenting your topic sentence at the start of each paragraph.

If the content of the paragraph of your cause and effect essay, either in the details, evidence, or the counterpoints, deviates away from the paragraph idea. Make sure you connect it back to the idea or separate it from the paragraph. It is optimal to eliminate the information instead of playing it in a new paragraph if the information cannot stand on its own.

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