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Writing a Winning Personal Statement for Wharton Business School
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Wharton remains to be one of the most acclaimed schools in the country. It offers world-class business education, but also have its own unique qualities as well. It is the job of the essay writer to find out what these attributes are, and use them to his or her own advantage–by customizing the admission essay to the said characteristics.

Taking note of Wharton Business School profile for MBA essay writing

It would do you well to do some research regarding the particular traits of the school, and not just the data you could cull from easily accessible sources, such as its official website. Maybe you have a friend who got accepted? Then ask him or her a sample of his or her admission essay. More than this, it would be better if you could find out some information about the members of the admissions panel, what they desire from their candidates and the so-called inside secrets. The more resourceful you are, the more you could customize your essay according to the requirements of Wharton Business School.

Tips on customizing your MBA essay for Wharton Business School

A common question would be: Why pick us from the hundreds of business schools in the country? Aside from this, you should also consider questions that deal with your problems, how you dealt with adversity in the past, and other matters related to school work and civic activities. As much as possible, connect this to the school’s own characteristics. Definitely, Wharton’s admissions panel want to see the inner core of the person who penned the admission essay.

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Preparation is the key to your admission success. Get as much information as you could in the process of writing the admission essay. If you impress the readers, then you have great chances of being part of the list of accepted candidates.