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Netflix Support 1-800-383-368 Number Australia – How to Set up Netflix
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Step 1. Make sure you own a compatible device
Check this list to make certain you have a Netflix-compatible device:
• PCs and laptops
• Smart TVs
• Streaming media players (Chromecast, Apple TV)
• Game consoles
• Set-top boxes (Telstra TV, Fetch TV)
• Blu-ray players (LG, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung)
• Smartphones and tablets
Step 2. Visit the Netflix website
Go to the official Netflix website. There’s no require to be anxious about finding the Australian website as the Netflix website will automatically direct you there based on your location. Now that you’re on the Netflix website you should make out the screen below. Contact on Netflix Support Number Australia.
Step 3. Choose the right plan
At the subsequently screen, click on "See the plans" and you’ll be obtainable with three payment options: Basic, Standard and Premium. This choice will dictate the picture quality of your Netflix stream and the number of devices you will be able to watch Netflix on at the same time.
The Basic pack is price at $9.99 a month. This pack will only permit for one device to stream Netflix at any given time. So, if you can predict multiple people in the house wanting to watch different programs concurrently, this one might not be for you. This pack is also controlled from streaming high-definition quality videos.
Step 4. Create your Netflix account
Once you’ve determined on a plan that suits your needs, you will be asked to create an account by entering your existing, in-use email address and selecting a new password. You’ll call for this password later to sign into your device so be sure to keep it helpful. After this, you can decide whether or not you would like to receive special offer from Netflix via the email address you’ve enter. You opt out of this simply by checking the box above the carry on button.

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