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What is a central VAC system and is it the right one for you
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Having a clean house and a refreshing atmosphere is always the ideal environment for every household, which is why we always try our best to make our houses as clean as possible by having them vacuumed frequently.

Having said that, in this post, we’ll be taking a look at the central vacuum system, which is often considered one of the most complete and effective cleaning systems for your house. Find out what it is and if you really need it with our experts’ opinions from
What is a central VAC system?

Generally speaking, a central VAC system is like a giant canister vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction unit and multiple hoses that reach all the different places in your house. The hoses are then installed to the inside of your walling system, leaving only a small outlet for you to plug in the hose.

As a result, you can easily vacuum the different areas around your house without having to carry a large canister or upright vacuum cleaner around. Instead, you just need to bring along your plastic hose and a few attachments, if needed.

In addition, the central VAC also comes with a much larger dust container compared to other canister or upright models. Hence, you won’t have to empty your dustbin very often.

Is it the right vacuum for you?

Now that you know what it is, it’s time to decide whether the central vacuum is good for you:

Why you should choose it

Powerful suction with good capacity

Compared to your average vacuum cleaner, a central VAC system can generate a much more powerful suction. This is mostly thanks to the robust motors that come with it. Plus, by having the vacuum installed on your walling system, it can draw much more electric power compared to using the power outlet.
Plus, by having a large dust container, your central VAC system will require less dumping, which will save you a lot of work.

Usually comes with maintenance support

Speaking of which, if you have the central vacuum installed by your contractor or any other company, you won’t likely have to do the dumping yourself. Instead, there will be technical support to help you with that, along with regular maintenance.

Easy to use and flexible

As we’ve mentioned, to use the vacuum, you just simply have to open the outlet to activate the vacuum and plug in your hose to start cleaning. Once you’ve done, just remove the hose, close the outlet, and move to another room with another outlet ready for you.

This is as simple and flexible as vacuuming could ever get. If you’re not very keen on carrying your large canister vacuum with you all the time, we really recommend you having a central VAC system installed.

Cleaner house and atmosphere

With the central vacuum, all the air will be released outside of your house, so the chance of re-dispensing the dust into the air like canister or upright vacuums is almost zero. Hence, you’ll have a fresher and more comfortable atmosphere.

Why you shouldn’t choose it

One of the most common reasons why people refuse to choose these systems is because of their price, which is not very cheap, even with the lowest models.

Excessive power

Not all of us would likely need these powerful vacuums for our houses, especially when you only live in a small house without many rooms.

And that’s our thoughts on this matter. We hope you find them useful when it comes to choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home.


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