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Review of Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S Chef’s Knife
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So, if you’re a person who enjoys cooking, I am sure you must have a kitchen knife you use all the time, and I'm also sure that it’s not just one knife either. When you want to purchase a knife, you must consider which one is the best. Here, we will review for you a chef’s knife called the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S, one of the best product reviews in the company’s kitchen knife series.


✭ The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S Chef's knife is produced by the largest knife makers in the world, called Zwilling J.A. Henckels. Based on the old Norse technology, or Viking technology, if you like, and armed with the latest advancements, the knife features a laser-sharpened edge, ergonomic handle, is constructed from a single piece of exclusive metal, and requires no maintenance.

Laser-sharpened Edge

✭ First, we will talk about the edge: the knife's edge is controlled and sharpened by laser, which allows the edge to be sharper, and it stays that way for longer – much more so than other, ordinary knives. That also means the user will require less strength to slice food. As professional chefs need to use their knives for up to 8 hours at a time, the Zwilling J. A. Henckels Twin Pro S knife is just the right tool for them.

Ergonomic Handle

✭ The knife's handle is a triple-riveted Novodur handle. It is strong, durable, and smooth, making it comfortable to use for a long period of time. This handle is perfectly bonded to the full tang on each knife for balance, stability, and durability, making the knife easier and safer to use for professional cutting.

Made From One-piece Exclusive Metal

✭ The knife itself is made from just a single piece of metal. This metal is an exclusive-formula, high-carbon, no-stain steel under the all-new Sigmaforge standard. For this reason, the Zwilling J. A. Henckels Twin Pro S will stay sharp for longer, be tougher, have more balance, and be stainless. Users will find it simpler to use the knife and spend less time sharpening it. That being said, the knife itself is very light – about 9.8 ounces (around 300 grams), and quite effortless to use, giving the cook the ability to work all day without getting tired.

No Maintenance Required

✭ While most knives will require that you sharpen them after a few weeks’ usage or demand cleaning throughout to avoid rust formation, the Zwilling J. A. Henckels Twin Pro S Chef’s Knife requires almost no maintenance.

✭ The handle will stay in tip-top shape even after a few decades, the blade is immune to stains, and it can be put safely in the dishwasher for time-saving (though it is better to wash by hand). The blade also stays sharp for a few years, so you don't have to sharpen it frequently, as with other conventional knives.

Amazon review

✭ With most of the top reviews on Amazon being positive, it can be said the Twin Pro S sounds like a perfect knife available on today’s market. But nothing is perfect; some comments in the reviews said the item they received is a defective tool or used knife. A perfect-like knife is easy to exploit after all. Although Amazon provided a refund to those customers, they will probably have a few bad impressions and experiences.


✭ The Twin Pro S Chef’s Knife has everything in its arsenal, including a durable, super sharp blade and ergonomic, comfortable handle, not to mention being lightweight; the knife seems near perfect.

✭ But even if it is a perfect tool, this should not be in the hand of careless people or amateurs because of the sharp edge. A slight accident can paint the cutting board red if you are not being careful, but that also applies to any knife, so it is only a small problem.


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