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Common Tips from Real Moms About Using Baby Monitors
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Every parent is different. This also applies to how they use a baby monitor to keep an eye on their beloved babies. There are various ways a mom can take advantage of packed features to take care of his son, to know if he's crying.

What is right for them may not also be applicable for you. But there is nothing wrong with hearing what an experienced user has to say, as long as you don't take it too far.

That's why we have put a lot of reviews, feedback, and recommendations from real mothers after using Top Rated Video Baby Monitors Thekinglive for their babies. Let's have a look.

Some moms love baby monitors, some don't

The first case is natural. Of course, there is a reason manufacturers have put out so many baby monitors on the market year after year with constant improvements. The demand is real.

Typically, a mom will love and suggest a baby monitor because she can check her child's conditions without going to the room. If you do not have a monitor system, you may need to rush into the nursery every time you hear something from it to check if there are sleeping or playing alone.

There are many cases the baby throw up without any noise, and the mom only sees it via the video feeds. This can ensure a good night's sleep for them with one of the best night vision baby monitors, decreasing the paranoia since the feeling of watching your kid all the time is really reassuring.

But on the other hand, may parents feel happier without one.

May parents feel more stressful because of the constant video and audio feeds a baby monitor can provide. They prefer using their own eyes to keep tabs on their babies instead of checking the parent unit all the time.

They need a baby monitor longer than they think

Parents buy baby monitors with the intention of using it for their infant. But they often discover that sometimes they use it even more after their kids have grown a bit.

A newborn stays on the crib all the time. But when they have learned to crawl or walk, you may have a hard time following their activities. And a toddler also needs you to feed him or change the diapers too.

Now a baby monitor can become useful beyond its original goal. You can set up multiple cameras in your house to know what your kid is doing.

Video vs. Movement Monitors

Some parents buy a movement monitor when they wish to take advantage of those modern, complicated sensors. But they soon regret this decision.

All is because their babies are too active to let the sensors do their jobs. They do not stay on the pad, putting the monitor on the ON mode all the time. This is why the information coming from the monitor - Top Rated Video Baby Monitor unit carries almost no real value.

Multiple kids

There is a thumb rule for you: if you want to monitor multiple kids, you should install extra cameras for better results.

Some models have two cameras out of the box. Some allow you to purchase and install additional ones, typically up to four cameras for baby monitor. This enables you to choose the viewing angle you need. Each of them covers a corner or a room in your house, combining together to provide the widest view possible.

Some monitors even have the screen-split feature. You won't need to switch between cameras anymore as video feeds from all cameras are present on the screen at the same time.


Real experience from customers, in particular, parents taking care of their babies, is always invaluable. How about you? Do you have any tips to share with us?


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