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camel blue
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I want to say a couple of facts about

camel blue

First, there are no wild intones from cigarettes, the smell is not sharp, even pleasant, quickly weathered, that is, your clothes and hair will not smell, it is a definite plus!

Secondly, they do not "tear" the throat, such as Kiss or Marlboro Red, even if you take a sample yellow Camel, which is stronger, still you will not see such an effect!

Thirdly, they are a little similar in taste to AS, it is rather a plus for fans of these cigarettes.

Fourthly, in connection with the centenary of the brand, you can find interesting designs of packs and cigarettes themselves. It's a small thing, but it's nice! :3

I think the only downside is that they are harmful to health, I have not found.

Website: Camel