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Top 5 Watch Dogs as a Pets
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When you hear watchdogs, the first thing that comes to mind is fierce and aggressive. However, many dogs that are known to be watchdogs are also family-friendly, loving, and caring house pets. These pets are parts of households and can also serve as esa animals with an appropriate emotional support letter received from a mental specialist.

Though most of the dogs are naturally inclined to bark when someone else approaches their living space and let the owner of the place know. A watchdog is a dog that will always alert you of a person approaching the house, even if it’s a friend or a familiar face. These watchdogs, however, can only inform the owner and not stop the intruder; that’s the job of guard dogs, which are trained specifically for that purpose.

Cairn Terrier

An ESA letter dog breed may be small in size but is very feisty and is watchful at all times. It will notify the members of the family immediately if someone approaches the house or comes towards it. The breed gets its great watch abilities from being used as a hunting companion in Scottish highlands.

Make sure to keep good care of its fur and groom it from time to time, as it has a tendency to get its coat dirty. You will also need to take him on jogs and walks for it to expend its energy as it is a very active breed.

This breed, though good in its duty to watch the house, is very affectionate of its household members and especially small children, with whom it loves to play games.

Though bullmastiffs might seem to the outsider as ferocious dogs with the tenacity of a guard dog, they actually are very humble and gentle creatures. Their physical appearance makes them great watchdogs that will announce the approaching of an individual with its barks. But the bullmastiff requires an ESA letter for housing so an owner can take it with them in their house

This big muscular breed can at times get protective of its family, but never are ferocious enough to become guard dogs. With the family members of the house, bullmastiffs are very laid back and loving. They love to show affection and lie around inside the house.

Standard Schnauzer
The Schnauzer breed has three kinds of dogs, the Giant Schnauzer, the Standard Schnauzer, and the Miniature Schnauzer. The largest of the breed is kept both as a guard dog and also a support animal letter dog. The intensity of the schnauzer breed falls with its size. It is, therefore, the standard schnauzer is just the right amount of territorial and ferocious to be a watchdog. It makes for a great and loving household member, with a love for long walks and occasional runs. This breed will shower its housemates with love and affection.

The Great Pyrenees
The dog breed is known to be specialist livestock headers and guardians. These qualities make them suitable for household watchdog. Make sure you accustomed and familiarize the dog with the family members and friends from early on, as it can get testy around unacquainted strangers, and it is protective of the family.

You will find the Pyrenees to be a great indoor animal, who likes to stay quietly inside and doesn’t ask for much attention. However, it does require exercise and long walks, which can be a great way to get yourself to go outside. 

The ESA registration is must for every pet however if you didn't get a chance to get an emotional support dog certification, then you can avail it from the real ESA letter website

American Eskimo Dog
Though small in size, this furry animal is quick-minded and attentive at all times. It’s an alert dog that has got a sharp bark, which makes it a good watchdog. You will find this dog to be very eager to please you and will burst with energy if you complement its eagerness. It will be content with exercise and games at home or in your backyard, but it is important for you to take it out on walks too.

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