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Simplify Child Pays for Parent code drastically
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  • Block template construction should just grab from the mempool anything with sufficient fee given the two conditions:
    • Doesn’t violate sigop limit
    • Has all its parents in the block
  • Drastically simplifies block construction code, and allows bulk updates to a template more easily as transactions come into the mempool.
  • Also totally removes the need to do iterative fee tracking code in the mempool which:
  • Speeds up mempool admission
  • Doesn’t require resorting topologically when removing for a new block.
  • Based on the complexity of the algorithms involved it would be prudent to remove this, and instead just depend on the minimum relay fee alone.
  • Test cases:
    • Ensure CPFP works in the mempool for chain-length 1.

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schancel triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 3 2018, 16:08
schancel created this task.