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[Cashtab] Rebranding Token menu/button labels into eToken

Authored by emack on Sun, Oct 10, 00:08.


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rABCf3ea606b06a3: [Cashtab] Rebranding Token menu/button labels into eToken

Rebranded 'Token' labels into 'eToken' across:

  • Wallet.js - Wallet screen transaction history menu
  • components/App.js - Main menu on bottom of web UI
  • extension/App.js - Main menu on bottom of extension UI
  • CreateTokenForm.js - Tokens menu and the subsequent token creation screen
  • UI Snapshots updated across Tokens and CreateTokenForm
Test Plan
  • npm start
  • Click on the Wallet section and check the eTokens tab is displayed next to Transaction History, then switch to Transaction History and back to eTokens
  • Click on the 'eTokens' section on the bottom menu and ensure the initial 'Create eToken' label is displayed correctly
  • Click on the 'Create eToken' button and ensure the final creation button at the bottom of the screen is 'Create eToken'
  • npm run extension
  • Repeat 1-4 in browser extension mode

Diff Detail

rABC Bitcoin ABC
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Owners added a reviewer: Restricted Owners Package.Sun, Oct 10, 00:08
emack requested review of this revision.Sun, Oct 10, 00:08

Nice! Thanks for working through + discovering the prettier issue.

One small change -- this has made the length of the tab label on the Wallet Screen slightly longer, so it throws off the underline-moving rendering:

image.png (96×278 px, 11 KB)

image.png (99×290 px, 11 KB)

Please make the necessary edits to the TabLine styled component on Line 43. Takes some guess and checking + testing to line it up properly.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Tue, Oct 12, 20:34

Adjusted TabLine styled component in Wallet.js to fix the underline-moving rendering issue. Tested all ok in both web and browser extension mode, as well as via manual resizing of browser width.

a.PNG (110×319 px, 11 KB)

b.PNG (100×304 px, 11 KB)

Reverted the whitespace removal by IDE, kept the TabLine style fixes

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Wed, Oct 20, 23:37