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Backport PR14897, PR15834 and PR16196

Authored by deadalnix on Nov 28 2019, 14:05.



They all are backported at once to avoid leaving master in a buggy state.

This is Core PR14897:

  • Change in transaction pull scheduling to prevent InvBlock-related attacks

Co-authored-by: Suhas Daftuar <>

This is Core PR15834:

  • Remove NOTFOUND transactions from in-flight data structures

This prevents a bug where the in-flight queue for our peers will not be
drained, resulting in not downloading any new transactions from our peers.

Thanks to ajtowns for reporting this bug.

  • Add an explicit memory bound to m_tx_process_time

Previously there was an implicit bound based on the handling of m_tx_announced,
but that approach is error-prone (particularly if we start automatically
removing things from that set).

  • Improve NOTFOUND comment
  • Expire old entries from the in-flight tx map

If a peer hasn't responded to a getdata request, eventually time out the request
and remove it from the in-flight data structures. This is to prevent any bugs in
our handling of those in-flight data structures from filling up the in-flight
map and preventing us from requesting more transactions (such as the NOTFOUND
bug, fixed in a previous commit).

Co-authored-by: Anthony Towns <>

  • Fix bug around transaction requests

If a transaction is already in-flight when a peer announces a new tx to us, we
schedule a time in the future to reconsider whether to download. At that future
time, there was a bug that would prevent transactions from being rescheduled
for potential download again (ie if the transaction was still in-flight at the
time of reconsideration, such as from some other peer). Fix this.

This is Core PR16196:

  • doc: Add release notes for 14897 & 15834
Test Plan
make check
./test/functional/ --extended

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Nit: add a newline to avoid later merge conflict

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Nit: in_flight_it can be const.
Also maybe make inv.hash a const TxId ?

const TxId txid(inv.hash);
auto in_flight_it = state->m_tx_download.m_tx_in_flight.find(txid);
4645 ↗(On Diff #14485)

inv.hash => txid

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