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[backport#16572] wallet: Fix Char as Bool in Wallet

Authored by majcosta on Mon, Jul 27, 18:17.


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rABCdc175d1eeef2: [backport#16572] wallet: Fix Char as Bool in Wallet

Fix Char as Bool in interfaces (Jeremy Rubin)

Pull request description:

In a few places in src/wallet/wallet.h, we use a char when semantically we want a bool.

This is kind of an issue because it means we can unserialize the same transaction with different fFromMe flags (as differing chars) and evaluate the following section in wallet/wallet.cpp
        if (wtxIn.fFromMe && wtxIn.fFromMe != wtx.fFromMe)
             wtx.fFromMe = wtxIn.fFromMe;
             fUpdated = true;
incorrectly (triggering an fUpdated where both fFromMe values represent true, via different chars).

I don't think this is a vulnerability, but it's just a little messy and unsemantic, and could lead to issues with stored wtxIns not being findable in a map by their hash.

The serialize/unserialize code for bool internally uses a char, so it should be safe to make this substitution.

NOTE: Technically, this is a behavior change -- I haven't checked too closely that nowhere is depending on storing information in this char. Theoretically, this could break something because after this change a tx unserialized with such a char would preserve it's value, but now it is converted to a ~true~ canonical bool.

Backport of Core PR16572

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