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[Backport]bug-fix macos: give free bytes to F_PREALLOCATE

Authored by PiRK on Tue, Sep 22, 18:49.


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rABC862f3806058a: [Backport]bug-fix macos: give free bytes to F_PREALLOCATE

The Initial Block Download (IBD) on macOS Catalina uses a lot more disk space than expected.

The macos manpage for fcntl (for F_PEOFPOSMODE) states:

Allocate from the physical end of file. In this case, fst_length indicates the number of newly allocated bytes desired.

This would result in the rev files being essentially pre-allocating 2x their necessary size (this is the case for block files as well, but these are flushed down to their right sizes every time) as they would pre-allocate pos + length free bytes, rather than allocating length bytes after pos, as expected.

Note: more explanations on the issue from Apple in this bug report

Backport of Bitcoin Core PR17887

Test Plan

ninja check to verify that the patch does not accidentaly break anything else.
But I do not have a MacOS to run the tests on, and try to replicate the issue.

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
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