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[cashtab] add arcanist linter support for eslint
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Authored by majcosta on Fri, Apr 30, 18:02.


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basic eslint recommended settings configuration and a helpful .arclint from

it does static analysis, catches js errors and is generally well regarded. we already have it as a devDependency for cashtab so we might as well run it and integrate with phab

Test Plan

arc diff this patch touching one file with a warning and a file with errors

fail to submit the patch if the errors aren't fixed see all linter warnings and errors in the diff body

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
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Buildable 15610
Build 31136: Build Diff
Build 31135: arc lint + arc unit

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revert the linter complaints and green the diff

Fabien requested changes to this revision.Mon, May 3, 06:43
Fabien added a subscriber: Fabien.
Fabien added inline comments.

This is probably not doing what you expect. I suppose you meant (\\.jsx?$) ?


If it's empty you'd better remove it


What is the $0 here ?

There are a few reasons why I don't like script-and-regex, and here are some:

  • There is no version checking
  • There is no guarantee this will work on all platforms (does it run on macOS for example ?)
  • Performance suffers from calling a shell for each file to process. This has proven to be a problem in the past. In this case it's even worst: PHP is calling a shell, which calls a shell, which calls two shells (see your parenthesis), one of them ending up calling eslint.

I don't see a reason why this could not be a plain PHP linter that solves all of these issues. Let me know if you need help for writing it.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mon, May 3, 06:43