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Migrate to latest version of bch-api
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  • Latest version of bch-api on PSF repo (commit 73cfb8c*) is causing issues for latest Cashtab on master (commit 2e6b0a0*)
  • Different errors are being encountered between Chrome vs Firefox
  • Error does not exist in prod when loading the same account (ecash:qpatql05s9jfavnu0tv6lkjjk25n6tmj9gkpyrlwu8)

Chrome error looks like a rate limit issue

Chrome error.PNG (812×762 px, 147 KB)

However within Firefox it's showing a deeper trace which suggest the issue may relate to the response coming from bch-api's rawtransactions endpoint

Firefox error.PNG (886×838 px, 194 KB)

Digging further, the CLI curl response for the following two TX IDs is returning error 'Request failed with status code 403':

manual curl.PNG (154×1 px, 40 KB)

(both are eToken transactions)

For further discussion with @bytesofman as the bch-api logs did not reveal any additional info aside from the 403 error code, so not sure if this is an issue with the full node, a symptom of the recent null utxo fix or something to do with the eToken tx.

Ran some tests with this today. Root problem is BCH.SLP.Utils.hydrateUtxos ; getting all utxos back with isValid: null

Suggests that the way latest bch-api connects to SLPDB has changed. Updating minimal-slp-wallet to latest version did not fix the issue.

Will need to do some more digging, stepping back to look at some other stuff for a bit.

Testing this today with latest master of bch-api and it's working fine. Seems like earlier issues were actually associated with the OP_RETURN null utxos, since patched in Cashtab.

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