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Track timestamps of headers received
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It may be useful to be able to export this timestamp information so that it can be analyzed in order to develop the final tie-breaking algo.

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jasonbcox triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 26 2018, 21:34
jasonbcox created this task.

When discussing T214, I realized I may need to add a new logging category to track the timestamps for racing blocks. schancel suggested the following:

schancel [1:40 PM]
@jasonbcox If you are going to do that I would actually like to do something a little more subtle.
@jasonbcox That'd be to keep the category which maps to a syslog level as well. But to introduce structured log which allows adding key-values to the entries.
Doing this would allow us to pretty easily do all kinds of log analysis.

EDIT: Created new tickets for these tasks, as they're kinda orthogonal to implementing header timestamp tracking (although they do make it nicer!):
Adding syslog levels:
Adding key-value support:

Another idea: Track when a header arrived