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Change magic and default folder
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In order to split the network definitely, version of Bitcoin ABC post fork need to be able to use a different magic. It would also be profitable to use a different folder than the current one as to not step over non cash version of bitcoin.

The deployment will occur in 3 steps:

  • Initially, while using a new magic internally, the client must continue to accept and use the legacy magic for network communication ( T79 ). It needs to be accepting the new magic in for network communications, and will the new magic internally.
    • The client will use a new folder for it data and use the new magic in its serialized files.
    • The client need to be able to reconstruct its new DB based on the content of the legacy folder rather that doing a full chain resync ( T80 )
    • It is an opportunity to cleanup some legacy flat file formats, such as storing version 0 in UTXOs.
  • Once the previous patch is deployed on the majority of the network, the client will be updated to use the new magic by default for its network communication ( T81 ).
  • After most node upgraded, the client will be updated a last time to reject uses of the old magic ( T82 ).
    • This will split the network definitively.