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Build with clang-10

Build Steps

    • Make an authenticated HTTP POST request to

Plan Behaviors

Hold DraftsNeverRevisions are sent for review regardless of the status of the build.
Warn When LandingAlways"arc land" warns if the build is still running or has failed.
Affects BuildableAlwaysThe buildable waits for the build, and fails if the build fails.
RestartableAlwaysThe build may be restarted.
RunnableIf EditableOnly users who can edit the plan can run it manually.

Run By Herald Rules

  • No active Herald rules trigger this build.

Recent Builds

Event Timeline

jasonbcox created this object with visibility "Public (No Login Required)".
jasonbcox changed the Hold Drafts behavior for this plan from Always to Never.
Fabien renamed this build plan from "Build with -Werror" to "Build with clang-10".