Merge #10408, #13291, and partial #13163


Merge #10408, #13291, and partial #13163

Merge #10408: Net: Improvements to Tor control port parser
49a199b torcontrol: Handle escapes in Tor QuotedStrings (Jack Grigg)
0182a11 torcontrol: Log invalid parameters in Tor reply strings where meaningful (Jack Grigg)
0b6f40d torcontrol: Check for reading errors in ReadBinaryFile (Jack Grigg)
d63677b torcontrol: Fix ParseTorReplyMapping (Jack Grigg)
29f3c20 torcontrol: Add unit tests for Tor reply parsers (Jack Grigg)
d8e03c0 torcontrol: Improve comments (Jack Grigg)

Tree-SHA512: aa3ce8072d20299b38c4ba9471af7fab1f5df096c237bf40a96ee9274a357f7366f95ced0cc80f8da1f22f6455a1a8e68bad9a5ff71817eef3397b6aefcbc7ae

Backport of Core PR10408

Merge #13291: test: Don't include torcontrol.cpp into the test file
97c112d4ca Declare TorReply parsing functions in torcontrol_tests (Ben Woosley)

Pull request description:

These methods are standalone string parsing methods which were included
into test via an include of torcontrol.cpp, which is bad practice.

~~Splitting them out reveals that they were the only torcontrol.cpp
methods under test, so the test file is renamed tor_reply_tests.cpp.~~

Introduced in #10408

Tree-SHA512: 8ff11a9c900a88f910a73dfe16f43581a567e9d60e9298a8a963fc9dd7cffb4d97a644da677610aafb7d89f1dd1cede9afeae2c6344305e021a9a322dbcea0ac

Backport of Core PR13291

(partial) Merge #13163: Make it clear which functions that are intended to be translation unit local
c3f34d06be Make it clear which functions that are intended to be translation unit local (practicalswift)

Pull request description:

Make it clear which functions that are intended to be translation unit local.

Do not share functions that are meant to be translation unit local with other translation units. Use internal linkage for those consistently.

Tree-SHA512: 05eebd233d5cfbf6116724eec3a99b465bf534ca220f2b6f5e56341a7da41387454d3cb6ceadd8ab6714a5df94069e4ad0dcab8801ccc7e8949be7199a19fb53

Backport of Core PR13163

Completes T612

Introduces a memory leak fixed by PR10587

Memory leak fix: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/D3285

Includes a fix to the locale linter discussed with fabien

D3285 should be landed immediately after this one

Test Plan:

make check
sudo apt install tor # if not already installed
sudo etc/init.d/tor status # to check if tor is running
sudo etc/init.d/tor start # if it is not already running
./src/bitcoind -proxy=<tor port>
./bitcoin-cli getpeerinfo

tor defaults to port 9050.
getpeerinfo should be populated.
arc lint should pass with no errors.

Reviewers: jasonbcox, deadalnix, Fabien, O1 Bitcoin ABC, #bitcoin_abc

Reviewed By: jasonbcox, deadalnix, Fabien, O1 Bitcoin ABC, #bitcoin_abc

Differential Revision: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/D3283


Wladimir J. van der Laan <laanwj@gmail.com>Authored on May 18 2017, 17:58
nakihitoCommitted on Jun 27 2019, 23:25
nakihitoPushed on Jun 27 2019, 23:25
Restricted Owners Package
Differential Revision
D3283: Merge #10408, #13291, and partial #13163
rABC5f48bb4ecdc1: Update manpages for 0.19.9 release

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