Merge #9622: [rpc] listsinceblock should include lost transactions when…


Merge #9622: [rpc] listsinceblock should include lost transactions when parameter is a reorg'd block

876e92b Testing: listsinceblock should display all transactions that were affected since the given block, including transactions that were removed due to a reorg. (Karl-Johan Alm)
f999c46 listsinceblock: optionally find and list any transactions that were undone due to reorg when requesting a non-main chain block in a new 'removed' array. (Karl-Johan Alm)

Pull request description:

The following scenario will not notify the caller of the fact `tx0` has been dropped:

1. User 1 receives BTC in tx0 from utxo1 in block aa1.
2. User 2 receives BTC in tx1 from utxo1 (same) in block bb1
3. User 1 sees 2 confirmations at block aa3.
4. Reorg into bb chain.
5. User 1 asks `listsinceblock aa3` and does not see that tx0 is now invalidated.

See `listsinceblock.py` commit for related test.

The proposed fix is to iterate from the given block down to the fork point, and to check each transaction in the blocks against the wallet, in addition to including all transactions from the fork point to the active chain tip (the current behavior). Any transactions that were present will now also be listed in the `listsinceblock` output in a new `replaced` array. This operation may be a bit heavy but the circumstances (and perceived frequency of occurrence) warrant it, I believe.

Example output:
  'transactions': [],
  'replaced': [
      'walletconflicts': [],
      'vout': 1,
      'account': '',
      'timereceived': 1485234857,
      'time': 1485234857,
      'amount': '1.00000000',
      'bip125-replaceable': 'unknown',
      'trusted': False,
      'category': 'receive',
      'txid': 'ce673859a30dee1d2ebdb3c05f2eea7b1da54baf68f93bb8bfe37c5f09ed22ff',
      'address': 'miqEt4kWp9zSizwGGuUWLAmxEcTW9bFUnQ',
      'label': '',
      'confirmations': -7
  'lastblock': '7a388f27d09e3699102a4ebf81597d974fc4c72093eeaa02adffbbf7527f6715'

I believe this addresses the comment by @luke-jr in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9516#issuecomment-274190081 but I could be wrong..

Tree-SHA512: 607b5dcaeccb9dc0d963d3de138c40490f3e923050b29821e6bd513d26beb587bddc748fbb194503fe618cfe34a6ed65d95e8d9c5764a882b6c5f976520cff35

Backport of Core PR 9622
Completes T551

Test Plan:
make check
test_runner.py wallet_listsinceblock

Reviewers: deadalnix, Fabien, #bitcoin_abc

Reviewed By: Fabien, #bitcoin_abc

Subscribers: teamcity, schancel

Differential Revision: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/D2689


Wladimir J. van der Laan <laanwj@gmail.com>Authored on Jul 24 2017, 10:56
jasonbcoxCommitted on Mar 16 2019, 15:31
jasonbcoxPushed on Mar 16 2019, 15:31
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Differential Revision
D2689: Merge #9622: [rpc] listsinceblock should include lost transactions when parameter is a reorg'd block
rABC68777835645a: Merge #10775: nCheckDepth chain height fix