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fix compiler warning "Declaration shadows a local variable"

Authored by PiRK on Sep 14 2021, 16:15.



In D9886, the round variable was shadowed by the local loop variable
of the same name. Calling this loop variable r and removing the
intermediate variable uint64_t r gets rid of the warning while simplifying the
code even more. And it restores the previous behavior of assigning a value to the
round variable, which is used after the for loop is finished on line 876.

Test Plan

ninja check

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PiRK requested review of this revision.Sep 14 2021, 16:15

Failed tests logs:

====== Bitcoin ABC functional tests with the next upgrade activated: ======

------- Stdout: -------
2021-09-14T16:20:34.895000Z TestFramework (INFO): Initializing test directory /work/abc-ci-builds/build-diff/test/tmp/test_runner_₿₵_  _20210914_162034/wallet_groups_2
2021-09-14T16:21:41.661000Z TestFramework (ERROR): Assertion failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/work/test/functional/test_framework/", line 128, in main
  File "/work/test/functional/", line 117, in run_test
  File "/work/test/functional/test_framework/", line 610, in sync_all
  File "/work/test/functional/test_framework/", line 580, in sync_mempools
    "".join("\n  {!r}".format(m) for m in pool),
AssertionError: Mempool sync timed out after 60s:
2021-09-14T16:21:41.712000Z TestFramework (INFO): Stopping nodes
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (WARNING): Not cleaning up dir /work/abc-ci-builds/build-diff/test/tmp/test_runner_₿₵_  _20210914_162034/wallet_groups_2
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR): Test failed. Test logging available at /work/abc-ci-builds/build-diff/test/tmp/test_runner_₿₵_  _20210914_162034/wallet_groups_2/test_framework.log
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR): 
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR): Hint: Call /work/test/functional/ '/work/abc-ci-builds/build-diff/test/tmp/test_runner_₿₵_  _20210914_162034/wallet_groups_2' to consolidate all logs
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR): 
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR): If this failure happened unexpectedly or intermittently, please file a bug and provide a link or upload of the combined log.
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR):
2021-09-14T16:21:42.016000Z TestFramework (ERROR):

Each failure log is accessible here:
Bitcoin ABC functional tests with the next upgrade activated:

PiRK planned changes to this revision.Sep 15 2021, 06:13

test failing

rebase (unrelated failure)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Sep 15 2021, 06:16