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Authored by movrcx on May 15 2018, 02:51.


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rSTAGINGc075107209fa: Backport from Core repository
rABCc075107209fa: Backport from Core repository

[doc] build-windows: Switch to Artful, since Zesty is EOL
Commit: fad29582c4f370981c494f6595613c95b172ac40
Author: MarcoFalke

Ubuntu xenial first dependencies
Commit: e29c6c8c617c4828d771e247531da9e10e6bf9f4
Author: nvercamm

Fix typos
Commit: d918eb78645900cc79898787c32619f913264d0a
Author: practicalswift

Merge #12232: Improve "Turn Windows Features On or Off" step
Commit: fdc2188da27fdf6fa62dd477b00b8f0ede994a0e
Author: laanwj

Improve "Turn Windows Features On or Off" step
Commit: 9b6454c52ae5d53394fc6542e9f3e02a1388fbe9
Author: MCFX2

Remove suggestion to make cloned repository world-writable for Windows build.
Commit: eeeb416d73789758bdfa6c86cd8791b0c2e3de6e
Author: murrayn

doc: Specify required source location for Windows WSL builds
Commit: 1cecea71ad0481edac1260a149eacbbaae8d5eb5
Author: sipsorcery

trivial: Fix typo – "Ubutntu" → "Ubuntu"
Commit: d8ac8932683d9dca2a79a33ae110717ccbd85fa3
Author: practicalswift

Update WSL installation for Fall Creators update
Commit: 73a7e6d186ac7e3e54994f756b2d63a0076f73b7
Author: Thoragh

Updated instructions for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
Commit: 7383d772644c965e4af8596cb425fff289af409c
Author: sipsorcery

Updated Windows build doc for WSL/Xenial workarounds.
Commit: e0fc4a73563189a1d60a222cf89c4f624d2d8e80
Author: sipsorcery

[Docs] Update Windows build instructions for using WSL and Ubuntu 17.04
Commit: 696ce46306e40f48dc4b2d7010812d564a43289d
Author: fanquake

Add new step to clean $PATH var by removing /mnt specific Window's %PATH% paths that cause issues with the make system
Commit: 4f890ba6bc8caba5394c7a5388d7f07959ced78b
Author: donaloconnor

Merge #10779: Create
Commit: f65614726de21e116966366d6abdf025dfeb6db2
Author: laanwj

Create, and link dependencies file from README & build docs
Commit: e91b9619232dc8999ae9657f117d55b7d241eadc
Author: flack

[doc] build-windows: Mention that only trusty works
Commit: fa14b6797088065f890b33c1a2c7f6ee4af20c6c
Author: MarcoFalke

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Attempt a build using the documentation

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