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[net processing] [refactor] Move m_next_send_feefilter and m_fee_filter_sent

Authored by PiRK on Mon, Nov 6, 08:39.



Move m_next_send_feefilter and m_fee_filter_sent out of the TxRelay
data structure. All of the other members of TxRelay are related to
sending transactions _to_ the peer, whereas m_fee_filter_sent and
m_next_send_feefilter are both related to receiving transactions _from_
the peer. A node's tx relay behaviour is not always symmetrical (eg a
blocksonly node will ignore incoming transactions, but may still send
out its own transactions), so it doesn't make sense to group the
feefilter sending data with the TxRelay data in a single structure.

This does not change behaviour, since IsBlockOnlyConn() is always equal
to !peer.m_tx_relay. We still don't send feefilter messages to outbound
block-relay-only peers (tested in

This is a partial backport of core#22778

Test Plan

ninja all check-all

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