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Merge #14993: rpc: Fix data race (UB) in InterruptRPC()

Authored by markblundeberg on Thu, Feb 6, 09:37.



Backport PR14993 . Fixes T733 .

6c10037f72073eecc674c313580ef50a4f1e1e44 rpc: Fix data race (UB) in InterruptRPC() (practicalswift)

Pull request description:

Fix data race (UB) in `InterruptRPC()`.


$ ./configure --with-sanitizers=thread
$ make
$ test/functional/
SUMMARY: ThreadSanitizer: data race rpc/server.cpp:314 in InterruptRPC()
ALL                 | ✖ Failed  | 2 s (accumulated)


$ ./configure --with-sanitizers=thread
$ make
$ test/functional/
ALL                 | ✓ Passed  | 3 s (accumulated)
Test Plan

ninja check-all ; run tests with TSAN

Diff Detail

rABC Bitcoin ABC
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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