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[Backport]test: impl. of msg_merkleblock and wait_for_merkleblock

Authored by PiRK on Thu, Sep 24, 11:22.


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rABC171445f9f225: [Backport]test: impl. of msg_merkleblock and wait_for_merkleblock

Implements the missing initialization/serialization methods for
msg_merkleblock, based on the already present class CMerkleBlock.
Also changes the method wait_for_merkleblock() to be more precise by waiting
for a merkleblock with a specified blockhash instead of an arbitrary one.

In the BIP37 test, this new method is used to make the test of
receiving merkleblock and tx if a filter is set to be more precise, by checking
if they also arrive in the right order.

The interfaces for the methods wait_for_header() and wait_for_merkleblock() are
changed to take a hex string instead of an integer, improving type safety and
removing the burden from the caller to always do the transformation via
int(...). As suggested by MarcoFalke in

This is a backport of Bitcoin Core PR18593

Test Plan

ninja check-functional

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
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