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[cashtab] Move qrcode to react-qr-code

Authored by deadalnix on Wed, Jan 6, 18:05.


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qrcode.react is nto up to date and doesn't seem well maitnained.

Test Plan
npm run start

Navigate to the QRCode page and check that it is still working as expected.

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
Lint OK
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Buildable 14602
Build 29163: Build Diff
Build 29162: arc lint + arc unit

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josephroyking added a subscriber: josephroyking.

qrcode.react released an update 7 days ago, I think this diff should be modified to stay with the original pkg at this latest version

  • New package does not support border around QR code with distinct :hover colors depending on BCHA vs SLPA address
  • New package does not support icon in middle of QR code (I think good brand aesthetics and also important for cash / token distinction)
  • qrcode.react had more than 100k downloads/week for all of last year vs less than 5k downloads/week for react-qr-code; more empirical validation / opportunities for issue discovery

Appearance of QR code in Cashtab as currently rendered by qrcode.react:

Appearance of QR code in Cashtab based on react-qr-code:

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, Jan 6, 19:07

When we migrate to Expo, we will probably have to use one of its libraries for QR Code scanning, so I think sticking to qrcode.react for now seems fine.