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Release Bot
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We need a bot that can do the following on demand:

  • Produce a release commit (version bumps, update seeds, etc.)
  • Produce and package release binaries

This will be developed in stages:
☐ Setup release-bot phab account
☐ Generate manpages diff
☐ Can submit diffs
☐ Can land diffs (take a look at feed.http-hooks to prevent polling behavior)
☐ Determine and tag next major/minor release version
☐ Generate minor version bump diff
☐ Generate major version bump diff
☐ Script to spin up a "release server" with:

  • mainnet seeder
  • testnet seeder
  • mainnet node

☐ Script to setup a daily cron job to collect seeder data from the above
☐ Generate diff of seed updates from the above seeder data
☐ Generate updated mainnet chainparams diff (a decision will need to be made on testnet chainparams, as they are updated infrequently due to reorg and hardfork testing)

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jasonbcox created this task.Thu, May 9, 22:43
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