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Phabricator to Github repo sync bot
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Currently, we have to push to phabricator manually when we do changes to the phabricator repository. It would be great to have something which synchronizes these things automatically

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This might be able to be configured through a Phabricator setting:

If you want Phabricator to host the master, you can add a URI with IO type of Mirror for your github repository under Manage Repository / URIs / Add New URI.

Phabricator will then automatically push to the mirror when new changes are committed. You will need to be careful with access to the GitHub repository though - if anyone pushes to GitHub, the changes will be lost, so if possible it should be read-only except for the user that Phabricator is authenticating as.

Yhis will require special privileges, so I'm not sure we want to bootcamp this.

I can have teamcity do this with a deploy key in github, if we want.