[mempool] Track "unbroadcast" transactions


[mempool] Track "unbroadcast" transactions


  • Mempool tracks locally submitted transactions (wallet or rpc)
  • Transactions are removed from set when the node receives a GETDATA request from a peer, or if the transaction is removed from the mempool.

PR description:

This PR introduces mempool tracking of unbroadcast transactions and periodic reattempts at initial broadcast. This is a part of the rebroadcast project, and a standalone privacy win.

The current rebroadcast logic is terrible for privacy because 1. only the source wallet rebroadcasts transactions and 2. it does so quite frequently. In the current system, if a user submits a transaction that does not immediately get broadcast to the network (eg. they are offline), this "rebroadcast" behavior is the safety net that can actually serve as the initial broadcast. So, keeping the attempts frequent is important for initial delivery within a reasonable timespan.

This PR aims to improve # 2 by reducing the wallet rebroadcast frequency to ~1/day from ~1/15 min. It achieves this by separating the notion of initial broadcast from rebroadcasts. With these changes, the mempool tracks locally submitted transactions & periodically reattempts initial broadcast. Transactions submitted via the wallet or RPC are added to an "unbroadcast" set & are removed when a peer sends a getdata request, or the transaction is removed from the mempool. Every 10-15 minutes, the node reattempts an initial broadcast. This enables reducing the wallet rebroadcast frequency while ensuring the transactions will be propagated to the network.

For privacy improvements around # 1, please see PR16698.

This is a backport of Core PR18038 [1/7]

Test Plan: ninja all check-all

Reviewers: #bitcoin_abc, majcosta

Reviewed By: #bitcoin_abc, majcosta

Subscribers: majcosta

Differential Revision: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/D9006


Amiti Uttarwar <amiti@uttarwar.org>Authored on Jan 21 2021, 14:37
PiRKCommitted on Jan 21 2021, 14:37
abc-botPushed on Jan 21 2021, 14:43
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Differential Revision
D9006: [mempool] Track "unbroadcast" transactions
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