Merge #10706: Improve wallet fee logic and fix GUI bugs

Authored by Wladimir J. van der Laan <laanwj@gmail.com> on Jul 17 2017, 06:51.


Merge #10706: Improve wallet fee logic and fix GUI bugs

11590d3 Properly bound check conf_target in wallet RPC calls (Alex Morcos)
fd29d3d Remove checking of mempool min fee from estimateSmartFee. (Alex Morcos)
2fffaa9 Make QT fee displays use GetMinimumFee instead of estimateSmartFee (Alex Morcos)
1983ca6 Use CoinControl to pass custom fee setting from QT. (Alex Morcos)
03ee701 Refactor to use CoinControl in GetMinimumFee and FeeBumper (Alex Morcos)
ecd81df Make CoinControl a required argument to CreateTransaction (Alex Morcos)

Pull request description:

This builds on #10589  (first 5 commits from that PR, last 5 commits are new)

The first couple commits refactor to use the CCoinControl class to pass fee calculation parameters around.

This allows for fixing the buggy interaction in QT between the global payTxFee which can be modified by the RPC call settxfee or temporarily modified by the QT custom fee settings.  Before these changes the GUI could sometimes send a transaction with a recently set payTxFee and not respect the settings displayed in the GUI.   After these changes, using the GUI does not involve the global transaction confirm target or payTxFee.

The prospective fee displays in the smart fee slider and the coin control dialog are changed to use the fee calculation from GetMinimumFee, this simplifies the code and makes them slightly more correct in edge cases.

Maxing the fee calculation with the mempool min fee is move from estimateSmartFee to GetMinimumFee.

This fixes a long standing bug, and should be tagged for 0.15 as it is holding up finalizing the estimatesmartfee RPC API before release.

Tree-SHA512: 4d36a1bd5934aa62f3806d380fcafbef73e9fe5bdf190fc5259a3e3a13349e5ce796e50e7068c46dc630ccf56d061bce5804f0bfe2e082bb01ca725b63efd4c1

Backport of Core PR10706 minus RBF and other unused codepaths.
Completes T521

Co-authored-by: Jason B. Cox <contact@jasonbcox.com>

Test Plan:

make check
ninja check
bitcoin-qt # for sanity

Reviewers: deadalnix, Fabien, #bitcoin_abc

Reviewed By: Fabien, #bitcoin_abc

Subscribers: teamcity, schancel

Differential Revision: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/D2673


jasonbcoxMar 11 2019, 17:33
jasonbcoxMar 11 2019, 17:33
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Differential Revision
D2673: Merge #10706: Improve wallet fee logic and fix GUI bugs
rABCb75d06e7e969: Wallet: Refactor FundTransaction to accept parameters via CCoinControl

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