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[qa] Make src_dir handling more robust
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Authored by schancel on Fri, Nov 30, 03:09.


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Currently, the get_srcdir() function in tries to find the source directory by walking up the path from it's main module. However, this may not necessarily be located where the src directory actually is depending on how it is ran and imported. However, it also checks the SRC_DIR environment variable. This commit ensures this environment variable is always set based on the config, or an override environment variable. This way can always find the sources files it requires.

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schancel created this revision.Fri, Nov 30, 03:09
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If src_dir already has a value from above, I think this check should fail with an error saying src_dir is defined twice

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src_dir will always be defined by the config setup by ./configure

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Sun, Dec 2, 23:11

I have no idea what problem this diff solves.

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