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Merge #13844: doc: correct the help output for -prune

Authored by nakihito on Dec 19 2019, 22:34.



312ff01ee533fab68348283200eb57e9956fdb34 -prune option -help output aligned with code (Hennadii Stepanov)

Pull request description:

The -help output for -prune is aligned with the code.

In the code (.../src/init.cpp#L1063):
        if (nPruneTarget < MIN_DISK_SPACE_FOR_BLOCK_FILES) {
            return InitError(strprintf(_("Prune configured below the minimum of %d MiB.  Please use a higher number."), MIN_DISK_SPACE_FOR_BLOCK_FILES / 1024 / 1024));
So correct value of nPruneTarget is **greater than or equal to** MIN_DISK_SPACE_FOR_BLOCK_FILES.

Tree-SHA512: 8e55aa99c8f5a9d020677b0f1b016215e2dbda5fa4ee7c8504b12a3abef226bc21beca118fa332c0bf206a4aff913a5a717b55bb5b2ecdba38423e9c0161209e

Backport of Core PR13844

The relevent prune code is in init.cpp:1688 for our code base.

Test Plan
make check
./bitcoind --help

Verify the help text reflects changes.

Diff Detail

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Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.