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Merge #14733: P2P: Make peer timeout configurable, speed up very slow test and ensure correct code path tested.

Authored by jasonbcox on Apr 24 2020, 17:42.



48b37db50 make peertimeout a debug argument, remove error message translation (Zain Iqbal Allarakhia)
8042bbfbf p2p: allow p2ptimeout to be configurable, speed up slow test (Zain Iqbal Allarakhia)

Pull request description:


1. _Primary_: Adds a `debug_only=true` flag for peertimeout, defaults to 60 sec., the current hard-coded setting.
2. _Secondary_: Drastically speeds up `` test.
3. _Secondary_: Tests that the correct code path is being tested by adding log assertions to the test.


- P2P timeout was hard-coded: make it explicitly specified and configurable, instead of a magic number.
- Addresses #13518; `` takes 4 sec. to run instead of 61 sec.
- Makes `` more explicit. Previously, we relied on a comment to inform us of the timeout amount being tested. Now it is specified directly in the test via passing in the new arg; `-peertimeout=3`.
- Opens us up to testing more P2P scenarios; oftentimes slow tests are the reason we don't test.

**Locally verified changes:**

_With Proposed Change (4.7 sec.):_
$ time ./test/functional/
2018-11-19T00:04:19.077000Z TestFramework (INFO): Initializing test directory /tmp/testhja7g2n7
2018-11-19T00:04:23.479000Z TestFramework (INFO): Stopping nodes
2018-11-19T00:04:23.683000Z TestFramework (INFO): Cleaning up /tmp/testhja7g2n7 on exit
2018-11-19T00:04:23.683000Z TestFramework (INFO): Tests successful

real    0m4.743s

_Currently  on master (62.8 sec.):_
$ time ./test/functional/
2018-11-19T00:06:10.948000Z TestFramework (INFO): Initializing test directory /tmp/test6mo6k21h
2018-11-19T00:07:13.376000Z TestFramework (INFO): Stopping nodes
2018-11-19T00:07:13.631000Z TestFramework (INFO): Cleaning up /tmp/test6mo6k21h on exit
2018-11-19T00:07:13.631000Z TestFramework (INFO): Tests successful

real    1m2.836s

_Error message demonstrated for new argument `-peertimeout`:_
$ ./bitcoind -peertimeout=-5
Error: peertimeout cannot be configured with a negative value.

Tree-SHA512: ff7a244ebea54c4059407bf4fb86465714e6a79cef5d2bcaa22cfe831a81761aaf597ba4d5172fc2ec12266f54712216fc41b5d24849e5d9dab39ba6f09e3a2a

Backport of Core PR14733

Test Plan
ninja check p2p_timeouts  # verify it completes in ~4 seconds

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