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Support for encoding addresses using cashaddr.

Authored by dagurval on Oct 23 2017, 11:09.


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Does this basically operate as a closure then?

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What's the point of constructing this in such a way if we have a single-use function that takes params?

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This was added in another patch already?

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I assume this needs chainparams to add the appropriate prefix and whatnot?

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Maybe we should generate a bunch of these?

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Oct 26 2017, 16:58
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A few nits, but I think the double padding problem can be an issue. This needs to be accounted for and tested. Except that, it's good.

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We need to make sure we don't double pad when encoding/decoding.

This needs more logic and a test for it.

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Please use uint8_t

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I think it'd be preferable to use std::copy but not a big deal.

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  • Convert entire data-part with ConvertBits. Used to convert the hash only.
  • Ignore extra padding
  • Added test to encode/decode bunch of random addresses.
  • Explicitly check that we get the expected size when converting bits 8 <-> 5 and back.
  • Use std::copy instead of memcpy
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This is how boost suggests working with boost::variants

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Yes, it needs the address prefix.

Check that what we truncate is padding when decoding.

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Nov 4 2017, 21:05

There should be a tests using actual addresses in there. If nothing else, they can be used as test vectors.

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Added test with example addresses. Added DstTypeChecker.

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This doesn't looks like ti is used at all.

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remove empty line.

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This would benefit from C++11 style loop.

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It's used in test random_dst

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How would you read from 3 different vectors with a C++11 style loop?

dagurval edited edge metadata.

remove empty line

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Yes no, that was stupid.

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