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Merge #14051: [Tests] Make handle multi-line logs

Authored by jasonbcox on Mon, Jun 22, 17:30.



16e288acdd61fa5fa5e39f3936fb50499f82c085 test padding non micro timestamps (John Newbery)
995dd89d884bda3fb5ca1885c5887d989cd2cad3 [Tests] Make handle multi-line logs (John Newbery)

Pull request description: currently inserts additional newlines into multi-line
log messages, and doesn't color them properly. Fix both of those.

Tree-SHA512: dbe2f3ecc7cfbc95ee4350e648d127538c79cb6555257d4aeec12fe3d159366742b68e90e620c8ed7219a44b973395c7e5929ba374fae115fbee25560db645f6

Backport of Core PR14051

Test Plan --nocleanup rpc_rawtransaction
../test/functional/ ./test/tmp/test_runner.../rpc_rawtransaction.../ > log-X

Run the above both pre- and post-patch such that log-X is prepatch or postpatch
Compare log-prepatch and log-postpatch. Notice differences such as:


node0 2020-06-22T17:16:52.793492Z [default wallet] CommitTransaction:

CTransaction(txid=3ba5b944de, ver=2, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=102)

    CTxIn(COutPoint(14a7dbe849, 0), scriptSig=47304402205c13e050921aed, nSequence=4294967294)

    CTxOut(nValue=48.49999775, scriptPubKey=76a914cccfd89d94937ba12e3e5cd4)

    CTxOut(nValue=1.50000000, scriptPubKey=76a914385b721de9b99a792a500d8e)


node0 2020-06-22T17:12:12.764276Z [default wallet] CommitTransaction: 
                                  CTransaction(txid=d3b2f85905, ver=2, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=102)
                                      CTxIn(COutPoint(14a7dbe849, 0), scriptSig=47304402204a4cb54c886406, nSequence=4294967294)
                                      CTxOut(nValue=1.50000000, scriptPubKey=76a9148511074f89af479afce5ebbd)
                                      CTxOut(nValue=48.49999775, scriptPubKey=76a91440dd8375bebaa6eb331f6450)

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