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Migrate update seeds automation to a config file
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Authored by jasonbcox on Sep 14 2020, 23:50.


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This is the first step to making it easy to add new automation.
We can leverage our existing build infra to easily make small gains in our
existing automation (update-seeds chosen as a proof-of-concept):

  • Automation timeouts are now configurable rather than hidden away in Teamcity
  • Improved readability of the automation logic compared to the current switch-case in a bash file.
  • If needed, build templates can be leveraged for automated commit builds as well.

The next step is to integrate preparation of the git commit into the config, along with
the necessary machinary to make that happen.

Test Plan

Test (this is a dry-run by default):

export SEEDS_MAIN=path/to/mainnet/dnsseed.dump
export SEEDS_TEST=path/to/testnet/dnsseed.dump
COMMIT_TYPE=update-seeds ./ -p HEAD
git show   # verify man pages were updated and committed

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D7446 is removing update-manpages all together, so switch this patch to update-seeds instead

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deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Sep 15 2020, 22:31
deadalnix added a subscriber: deadalnix.

The title is wrong.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sep 15 2020, 22:31

None of this require bitcoind or bitcoin-cli, and once this run, bitcoind and bitcoin-cli now become obsolete, so I don't think this build plan makes a lot of sense.

jasonbcox retitled this revision from Migrate update manpages automation to a config file to Migrate update seeds automation to a config file.Sep 15 2020, 22:40

bitcoind and bitcoin-cli are only necessary for running which connects to each seed address using RPC, so using the old binary is fine.

Ideally, perhaps the binary should run the test on the seeds that were compiled in to make this test better/more complete. Regardless, I can revert the changes I made here to ensure we have room for such an improvement.