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Add a hardfork date parameter for May 15th HF.
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We need a configuration parameter to enable modifying the hardfork date for testnet prior to golive.

Bitcoin Unlimited is currently using mining.forkMay2018Time. We should probably use the same for the sake of the testing groups.

CC @thezerg

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schancel created this task.Feb 23 2018, 22:15
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movrcx added a subscriber: movrcx.Feb 23 2018, 23:20
movrcx added a comment.EditedFeb 27 2018, 20:34

I've added to be used for MTP activation... Since it's a trailing indicator ABC will likely activate after BU's activation by local system time.

Do we have a scheduled time when testnet is going live? The above diff will need to be updated prior to integration into master.