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Backport PR 13243 "Make reusable base class for auxiliary indices"
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ec3073a27 index: Move index DBs into index/ directory.
89eddcd36 index: Remove TxIndexDB from public interface of TxIndex.
2318affd2 MOVEONLY: Move BaseIndex to its own file.
f376a4924 index: Generalize logged statements in BaseIndex.
61a1226d8 index: Extract logic from TxIndex into reusable base class.
e5af5fc6f db: Make reusable base class for index databases.
9b0ec1a7f db: Remove obsolete methods from CBlockTreeDB.


ed12d5df1 index: Fix for indexers skipping genesis block.

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Last couple commits not happy here as they need T633 Need satisfied.

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