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Backport PR 15118 "Refactor block file logic"
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04cca3309 Style cleanup.
4c01e4e15 flatfile: Unit tests for FlatFileSeq methods.
65a489e93 scripted-diff: Rename CBlockDiskPos to FlatFilePos.
d6d8a78f2 Move CDiskBlockPos from chain to flatfile.
e0380933e validation: Refactor file flush logic into FlatFileSeq.
992404b31 validation: Refactor block file pre-allocation into FlatFileSeq.
e2d2abb99 validation: Refactor OpenDiskFile into method on FlatFileSeq.
9183d6ef6 validation: Extract basic block file logic into FlatFileSeq class.
62e7addb6 util: Move CheckDiskSpace to util.

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T636 is needed for the new CheckDiskSpace mechanics to be upgraded cleanly


Merge #11747: Fix: Open files read only if requested

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