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Implement RCU synchronization mechanism

Authored by deadalnix on Dec 31 2018, 17:06.



This is a userspace implementation of the RCU synchronization primitives.

It is achieved by using a structure per thread in thread local storage. The structures are put together in a linked list that can be traversed lock free by the synchronize operation. The structures are removed from the linkedlist when a thread is shut down.

The synchronization is based on a global revision variable which works in a way similar to source control. The synchronize operation increment the revision and wait for each thread is eithernotholding the lock or have advanced past the revision numer to consider a given state synchronized.

Each thread keep track of the revision it has reached when acquiring the RCULock in its threadlocal datastructure. When the lock is released, a special value is put in the local state indicating that the thread is not currently holding the lock.

Test Plan

Added unit test to cover the whole mechanism and check each intermediate step. Ran the test with COUNT = 4000000 .

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concurently wth->concurrently with

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we sure->we make sure, concurent->concurrent

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You may want to move it outside of the loop, as there is a theoretical max number of time you can lock the same mutex

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This call is not needed, the one from hasSynced() is enough

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concurent->concurrent, also tip->head would be more accurate

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to to->to

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Should return bool

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th eother->the other

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deadalnix added inline comments.Jan 3 2019, 08:19
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That would prevent any concurrent thread from moving forward as long as this is not finished, which doesn't seem very desirable.

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This is reading the linked list, so this require a lock. Technically, there is the mutex that makes it redundant, but it make the code fragile.

deadalnix updated this revision to Diff 6489.Jan 3 2019, 08:19

Mostly typos

deadalnix updated this revision to Diff 6530.Jan 6 2019, 23:52

Use static when apropriate

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Should reset count to 0, otherwise it will yield every time after RCU_ACTIVE_LOOP_COUNT

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Yes. Reaching this point clearly indicate that there is some other thread holding the lock for a long time and starving it of resources isn't going to help it be faster.

jasonbcox added inline comments.Jan 7 2019, 21:43
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Ok. Just making sure this was thought through.

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Just for my understanding: is otherstep.load() necessary here? It seems that just otherstep can be used since std::atomic::operator T is atomic.

Related: I noticed the implementation uses .store() and .load() throughout, but the tests do not. For consistency, I think it makes sense to use them explicitly, but this is not strictly necessary.

Fabien accepted this revision.Jan 8 2019, 10:56

Loogs good to me, just a question regarding style

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Why do you prefer using this method rather than UINT64_MAX or std::numerical_limits<uint64_t>::max() ?

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