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Merge #11133: Document assumptions that are beoing made to avoid division by zero

Authored by nakihito on Jul 18 2019, 21:34.



55509f1 Document assumptions that are being made to avoid division by zero (practicalswift)

Pull request description:

Document assumptions (via `assert(…)`:s) that are being made to avoid division by zero.

* Make it clear to human reviewers and non-human static analyzers that what might look like potential division by zero cases are written the way they are intentionally (these cases are currently flagged by various static analyzers).

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Backport of Core PR11133

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We removed TxConfirmStats::removeTx() in policy/fees.cpp where there would have been a change.
qt/coincontroldialog.cpp was changed here to reflect the current state of Core:

Fabien accepted this revision.Jul 20 2019, 06:39
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jul 20 2019, 06:39