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Merge #13534: Don't assert(foo()) where foo() has side effects

Authored by nakihito on Dec 16 2019, 21:06.



6ad0328f1c Don't assert(foo()) where foo has side effects (practicalswift)

Pull request description:

Don't `assert(foo())` where `foo` has side effects.

From `assert(3)`:

> If the macro `NDEBUG` is defined at the moment `<assert.h>` was last included, the macro `assert()` generates no code, and hence does nothing at all.

Bitcoin currently cannot be compiled without assertions, but we shouldn't rely on that.

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Partial backport of Core PR13534

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make check

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Owners added a reviewer: Restricted Owners Package.Dec 16 2019, 21:06

Review note: and were excluded because we do not have that code in our code base. The former was removed in D3136 and the latter was not backported.

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nit: rename ret => checked to avoid merge conflicts

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