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Merge #13791: gui: Reject dialogs if key escape is pressed

Authored by nakihito on Dec 20 2019, 18:58.



7bf22bf0c21d13557ec46a67413819ebcabc3df0 gui: Reject options dialog when key escape is pressed (João Barbosa)
4a43306a4f643cf0d356d5d5e16913541f1bc893 gui: Reject edit address dialog when key escape is pressed (João Barbosa)
f7a553177d4b969956bc04a0140fce34958971f5 gui: Add GUIUtil::ItemDelegate with keyEscapePressed signal (João Barbosa)

Pull request description:

Currently `EditAddressDialog` and `OptionsDialog` don't close when the escape key is pressed. The `QDataWidgetMapper` instances prevents closing the dialogs because the escape key is used to reset the widgets values. More details and workarounds in and

The adopted solution is different from the above references. It turns out that `QDataWidgetMapper::setItemDelegate` sets the event filter for all mapped widgets. So in this PR the mapper's delegate are changed to a custom `GUIUtil::ItemDelegate` that offers the signal `keyEscapePressed`, which is connected to the `QDialog::reject` slot.

Note that the installed event filter lets all events pass, so the current behaviour isn't changed, meaning that widgets values are reset in addition to closing the dialog.

Tree-SHA512: 9c961d488480b4ccc3880a11a8f1824b65f77570ee8918c7302c62775a1a73e52ae988a31a55ffff87b4170ddbecf833c2f09b66095c00eb6854a4d43f030f1f

Backport of Core PR13791

Test Plan
make check

Opena dialog window (i.e. the debug window in Help) and verify that it closes when the ESC key is pressed.

Diff Detail

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Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.