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Update secp256k1 README

Authored by Mengerian on Jan 2 2020, 21:07.



Now that secp256k1 is being bundled as it's own repo on Github,
it would be nice to have a more accurate and complete README.

Test Plan

Read it, make sure it's complete and accurate.

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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@markblundeberg It may also be good to add some Schnorr information to the "Implementation Details" portion, and maybe a link to the BCH Schnorr spec on Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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@jasonbcox Is there some link we could use for the equivalent information for Bitcoin ABC's automated builds?

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It's not a perfect comparison, but our default master CI config builds and tests libsecp256k1 in addition to bitcoind: If this build is green, so is libsecp256k1.

That said, it would be pretty easy to move it to a stand-alone build (see contrib/teamcity/

@jasonbcox, @Mengerian FYI I plan to update the current build-default by splitting it into 3: build-diff, build-master and build-secp256k1, the later will cover the standalone build and all the unit tests.

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Is there any possible legal consequence with this removal ?

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Or we can just use travis, the adaptation from core's shouldn't be very difficult.

Add a bit more explanation of how the repository is maintained, so that people can understand what's going on.
Re-add "Use at your own risk" disclaimer as recommended by @Fabien
Add link and mention that this is the Bitcoin Cash variant of the Schnorr algorithm.

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I doubt it's an issue, but I can re-add the "Use at your own risk" statement.

I will also add a bit more explanation of how the repository is maintained, so that people can understand what's going on.

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Is travis actually broken for us? If not, then why not use it?

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IDK, I don't have sufficient privileges in the Bitcoin ABC Github to enable Travis.

Just by clicking around, it looks doable, so that's probably a good idea to enable it.

If someone wants to give me the needed Github privileges I can try to figure it out, or alternatively someone familiar with Travis can do it.

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I granted you the right to the github repo so you can do it. Getting the cmake build to also be tested would be a plus. I think @Fabien can help here.

Add link directing contributors to Bitcoin ABC Phabricator repo
Re-add Travis link, now that Travis is enabled for the repo

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