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Added OP_BSWAP opcode without tests or behavior.

Authored by tobias_ruck on Wed, Jan 8, 15:25.


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OP_BSWAP has been added to enums, assigned the number 0xbc. T707

Test Plan

This doesn't change the behavior in any way (except for how OP_BSWAP will be displayed), so adding tests seems unwarranted. Also, there already is a bswap_tests.cpp. I suggest renaming that file to byteswap_tests.cpp to allow OP_BSWAP to have a test file that's easier recognizable.

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Fixed OP_BSWAP opcode number in

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Added OP_BSWAP opcode without tests or behavior.

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Back on your queue untill the situation with D4871 is sorted out.

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will be merged with D4871

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Collapsed reversed_data generation code.

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Accidentially updated wrong diff....