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[backport#16946] wallet: include a checksum of encrypted private keys

Authored by majcosta on Feb 3 2021, 20:45.



d67055e00dd90f504384e5c3f229fc95306d5aac Upgrade or rewrite encrypted key checksums (Andrew Chow)
c9a9ddb4142af0af5f7b1a5ccd13f8e585007089 Set fDecryptionThoroughlyChecked based on whether crypted key checksums are valid (Andrew Chow)
a8334f7ac39532528c5f8bd3b0eea05aa63e8794 Read and write a checksum for encrypted keys (Andrew Chow)

Pull request description:

Adds a checksum to the encrypted key record in the wallet database so that encrypted keys can be checked for corruption on wallet loading, in the same way that unencrypted keys are. This allows for us to skip the full decryption of keys upon the first unlocking of the wallet in that session as any key corruption will have already been detected. The checksum is just the double SHA256 of the encrypted key and it is appended to the record after the encrypted key itself.

This is backwards compatible as old wallets will be able to read the encrypted key and ignore that there is more data in the stream. Additionally, old wallets will be upgraded upon their first unlocking (so that key decryption is checked before we commit to a checksum of the encrypted key) and a wallet flag set indicating that. The presence of the wallet flag lets us skip the full decryption as if `fDecryptionThoroughlyChecked` were true.

This does mean that the first time an old wallet is unlocked in a new version will take much longer, but subsequent unlocks will be instantaneous. Furthermore, corruption will be detected upon loading rather than on trying to send so wallet corruption will be detected sooner.

Fixes #12423

Backport of Core PR16946

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