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Make CTransaction construction from CMutableTransaction explicit

Authored by matra774 on Feb 16 2018, 02:51.



Most of the changes are in the test code. The tests first build CMutableTransaction and then used t implicit conversion to call functions that require CTransaction.

I decided to use CTransaction(x) for conversion. Let me know if you prefer static_cast<CTransaction>.

In many cases, I was tempted to create an overload that takes a CTransaction (for example for IsStandardTx(), that is heavily used in transaction_tests.cpp), but later decided to use explicit conversion, otherwise the result will be very similar to using implicit cast operator, that I was trying to get rid of. An alternative solution would be to create a IsStandardTxFromMutable(), that would be local to test code.

I had quite some fun with test combineSigs, because I’ve overlooked the fact that it modifies transaction by directly manipulating references to CMutableTransaction’s members.

Refs T238

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Accepted, but please fix the nits.

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TranactionSignatureChecker -> TransactionSignatureChecker

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