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Use static_cast instead of C-style casts for non-fundamental types

Authored by nakihito on Apr 2 2019, 17:58.



A C-style cast is equivalent to try casting in the following order:

  1. const_cast(...)
  2. static_cast(...)
  3. const_cast(static_cast(...))
  4. reinterpret_cast(...)
  5. const_cast(reinterpret_cast(...))

By using static_cast<T>(...) explicitly we avoid the possibility
of an unintentional and dangerous reinterpret_cast. Furthermore
static_cast<T>(...) allows for easier grepping of casts. Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting

Backport of Core PR10498

Completes T555

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make check

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I was going to flag this, but it looks like this should have been cleaned up anyway. This is fine imo.

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Deadalnix got one of them here: The other is for a function that no longer exists.

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