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Increase test coverage on CScript.IsPushOnly()

Authored by markblundeberg on Sun, Jun 9, 02:26.


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T667: add rule for **minimal** push only in scriptSig

Part of effort to get a scriptsig push restriction consensuse rule that is actually effective in reducing third party malleability, see T667.

In preparation for adding IsMinimalPushOnly, this creates a broader set
of tests.

Test Plan

make check

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Nearly all of the above cases can be rolled into a loop. This provides the following benefits:

  • Covers more cases (especially with some modest randomization mixed in)
  • Less code to read
  • Easier to maintain (given that behavior won't change for different OP_PUSHDATA<N>, which is a reasonable assumption)

Why exclude OP_0? It seems that this would be more robust if you devised a set of all opcodes and then removed the ones you don't want to test.

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